What Oracle database privileges are needed for secure environments?

JFrog Support
2018-05-02 20:25


Oracle privileges needed for Artifactory on secure environments


Further refined permissions for Secure customers (FinTech, PubSec, etc)


  • Artifactory needs the following privileges to function with Oracle database:

create user artifactory identified by artifactory;  

grant connect to artifactory;

grant create table to artifactory;

grant create any index to artifactory;

grant UNLIMITED TABLESPACE to artifactory;
  • The user can change users between an "upgrade" user with extended privileges defined here and an operational user with the privileges defined above.
    • This will require a restart
    • Alternatively, the db admin can downgrade the privileges on the current user
  • Tablespace can be limited to comply with internal policies.  However we recommend using unlimited because there is no waning as tablespace nears the limit.  Running out of tablespace will result in an outage for Artifactory.
    • We recommend good monitoring on tablespace consumption, and expanding the tablespace before the limit is exceeded.