What is the new 8040 Port?

JFrog Support
2018-06-11 09:27

Previously to Artifactory version 5.7, Artifactory and Access used to communicate and authenticate under the same connector, port 8081. This means that both Artifactory and Access shared the same thread pool. 
In some scenarios, where Access received a high load of authentication requests, it reached to thread exhaustion which eventually led Access to crash.

When releasing Artifactory version 5.7, we have changed this behaviour by creating Tomcat handling for concurrent requests on high load, by separating the communication into two different connectors, ports on Tomcat. The new port for communicating between Artifactory and Access is Port 8040

​In general, note that you cannot directly interact with the access server. Instead, by default, the user interacts with Artifactory and Artifactory interacts with Access, as part of the internal communication that happens between them.

From Artifactory version 5.7, the Tomcat configuration file, 'server.xml', is automatically updated to include the new 8040 port.

Note: The new connector it is configured with a default max thread of 50, which should be updated according to your scale.

Note: The new connector is only used for internal communication between the Artifactory and Access services. So there's no need to expose this port outside of the host itself.