What are the best practices and tips for working with Debian?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:38

Here are some tips / best practices when using Debian with Artifactory:

1. Always upload your packages to the pool folder.

2. Try to avoid uploading files to the Dists folder (it could work but we highly recommend against it). Instead, upload the indexes only.

3. When you are deploying a Debian package please make sure to add all 3 properties, deb.distribution, deb.component, deb.architecture with it, as Artifactory will require those properties for working properly with the Debian.

4. When uploading a Debian package, it is possible to give each property multiple values by using the comma (,) as a separator between each one.

5. Although Artifactory supports the “Trivial architecture”, it is highly unrecommended to use this method. The method has been deprecated, and we are supporting it only for backwards compatibility for users with old data.

6. Please pay extra attention while working with existing Debian packages on Artifactory, because the layout of the specific package may get changed if a property was deleted or overridden.

7. Artifactory supports a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) signing for the Debian packages, you can read more about it here.