What are the  ‘_pre’, ‘artifactory-uploads’ and ‘work’ folders used for?

Shai Ben-Zvi
2019-01-31 09:22


What are the  ‘_pre’, ‘artifactory-uploads’ and ‘work’ folders used for?


The _pre folder is used as a temporary storage location for files whose checksum has yet to be calculated.

Before moving them to their correct location, Artifactory keeps them in the _pre folder, calculate their checksums and finally move them to their correct location. If Artifactory encounter a checksum error or the move is not possible, the file is deleted. If Artifactory is shutting down or the process fails (i.e OOM errors, connection problems, disk full, etc), the file can be defined as orphaned.

In case there is an orphaned file, you can safely delete any files from the _pre folder while Artifactory is down.
You may also search for any files that have been in the _pre folder for an extended period of time.
You will be able to find _pre folder in the eventual and cache while both have the same naming convention – a temp file with a prefix of dbrecord and a suffix of .bin
Please note that the content of these are different and not related to each other.

If an exception is thrown in the eventual, then the _pre content may be deleted, but not moved.
If for some reason a file is being left in the cache _pre folder, it cannot be accessed and even restart will not make it to be synced in some cases.

The artifactory-uploads folder under the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/data/tmp folder is used for UI uploads to Artifactory – Artifactory will temporary save the files before indexing them and when the deployment finished, they will be deleted from this folder.

The work folder under the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/data/tmp folder, is used for storing temporary indexers files during the indexing of files upon deployment to Artifactory.

After the indexing is complete, the content of this directory will be deleted.