What are different types of repositories that Artifactory supports?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:38

Artifactory comes with a set of predefined local repositories, which reflect best practices in binary repository management.

If you wish to use a different type of asset, you can create local repositories that match your needs according to different criteria.

Examples of some repository types, and when you would normally want to separate binaries into different repositories:

    • In-house artifacts vs. third party artifacts – we typically recommend separating these for easier management, since you may wish to have different retention and security policies for each type

    • Third party artifacts that are deployed locally vs. artifacts that are cached from remote servers

    • Snapshots vs. Release artifacts

    • Artifacts supporting different technologies, e.g., NuGet, Java, RubyGems, etc.

    • Different repository layouts being used by repository. E.g. Ivy vs. Maven

    • Different products or different teams deploying to the repository

    You can find more information about creating and configuring local repositories here.