Using Bintray with Nexus

JFrog Support
2017-05-28 09:25

It is possible to proxy JCenter as well as personal Bintray DLs.

Retrieve your artifact from JCenter – you will need first to make an inclusion request for it.
Once approved – you will be able to fetch artifacts by adding JCenter as a Proxy repository in nexus:

1. From the Nexus admin UI create a new remote repository with the ID "jcenter"(you can use a different name if "jcenter" is already taken)

2. Put this as the remote storage location:

3. Make sure that “Repository Policy” is set to “Release”

4. You may include this repository in a repository group, as best practice

For personal DLs,  you can set up a new proxying repository for “{subject}/{repository}/” 

The following command will allow you to fetch the artifacts from your Bintray repository.

curl -u {usertoken} http://nexus_server:8081/nexus/content/repositories/{path}/{to}/{file}/{version}/{file.ext} -i

A User token is necessary in case you have enabled the 'Protected Content' feature on a repository, for more information read:

* Please note – JCenter and Bintray DLs are not browsable when using with Nexus