Should I restore from my daily backup or my weekly backup?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:38

The first time that the daily incremental backup runs, it backs up all of the artifacts that an Artifactory instance currently has. The next time (24 hours later) that it runs, it will backup “only” the changed or newly added artifacts in those 24 hours. It will also add it to the full backup from the first run. So what you have is a backup of all of your artifacts up to the time that the last incremental backup ran. When restoring from a daily backup (incremental or not) all of the artifacts that were stored will be restored.

The weekly backup, by default, will run once a week and will backup all of your artifacts at that time. This backup can also be configured as incremental.

What backup should you use for your restore?

– If you want to restore all of your artifacts, choose the latest backup that ran (daily or weekly).

– If you want to restore an artifact that was changed more than 2 days ago restore it from a weekly backup, as the daily backup will have already been replaced with the new backup with the version that you don't want anymore.