Quota for repository level

Hirofumi Iwashita
2021-09-01 20:06

We provide the storage level quota but don't provide natively the repository level quota.
If you want to implement it, please consider using Artifactory Storage Quota User Plugin.

The following is how to set up.
1. Save repoQuota.groovy
Please save repoQuota.groovy in plugins directory. The permission should be the same as the other plugins.

2. Specify Quota for repository
By specifying the property repository.path.quota for the target repository, it can be achived. In this example, it is specified for generic-local repository and the value is 10000. It means the quota limit is 10,000 byte.
User-added image

3. Reload Plugin
Please load it using Reload Plugins REST API.

4. Confirm Quota
If the quota for generic-local repository is reached, it cannot be deployed.