Managing Uploaded Content

JFrog Support
2017-02-06 10:12

Once your material is uploaded, there is still much to do to make sure that the right material is available to the users, and that the right material can be located and verified by the relevant users. Bintray offers several options for you to choose how to provide the user with convenient links to download your material when it is ready. Your material will be in the relevant context and include options for other relevant support of your uploaded material. These options include:

  • Publishing: Publishing basically means that other users can see and download the files you have uploaded. As long as a file is unpublished, only the uploading user can see it (this feature exists so that the uploading user will have time verify or test the uploaded file to change his or her mind before users start downloading it).

  • Providing Information about Your Packages and Versions: Extra information about your packages and versions can come in the form of readme texts and release notes. These can be viewed in the Bintray UI and the user does not need to download anything to get this info!

  • Creating a Download List: The download list is a feature of Bintray packages and versions in which the user who owns the package or version can list a few select files as a recommended list for download. The user can also create a shortcut list for downloading the newest, most important or most popular files from within his or her package or version.

  • GPG Signing: An optional feature (currently available for Maven repos) that allows you to sign your material so that it can be verified as authentic and original by its users. This feature uses an ASCII-armored key pair.

  • Merging Packages: Bintray allows you to merge several packages into one. The new consolidated package will include the versions and files of all its component packages, but inherits its metadata only from the source package in the merge.

  • Deleting Content: Removing your material from Bintray, if for some reason it is necessary.


In addition to these options of managing your content to the benefit of the users, Bintray also offers options that are more specifically intended to promote your content.