JFROG ARTIFACTORY: The Difference Between Garbage Collector and Prune Unreferenced Data

Pradnya Shinde
2023-01-22 11:07

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While both of these processes delete binaries in the filestore, each has distinctive qualities:

  1. Garbage Collection disposes of filestore binaries that are tagged by Artifactory as delete candidates. In addition to the UI, you also have the option to use the Run Garbage Collection REST API, which is available HERE.
  2. Prune Unreferenced Data (PUD) deletes the randomly-existing binaries in the filestore that are not referenced in the Artifactory. When you invoke this action, Artifactory removes from the filestore and/or cache folders unreferenced binary files and empty folders. PUD won’t delete binaries marked as delete candidates in Artifactory (those would be deleted by GC). PUD doesn't have a REST API associated with it; considering this would be not very common scenario you can use the UI click option for PUD 

UI in Artifactory v6.x is: Admin > Advanced > Maintenance > Storage > Prune Unreferenced Data and UI in Artifactory v7.x is: Administration > Services > Artifactory > Advanced > Maintenance > Prune Unreferenced Data.


Published: Apr. 13, 2019

Last updated: Apr. 23, 2021


Keywords: Artifactory Garbage Collector, Prune Data