JFROG ARTIFACTORY: Set up a Disaster Recovery(DR) Instance For Your JFrog Artifactory

Pradnya Shinde
2021-04-30 17:41

See the following steps on how to implement JFrog Artifactory Disaster Recovery(DR) for customers with Enterprise+ license.

Note: The Access Federation feature that is used in this solution is available for Enterprise+ license only.

  1. Set Artifactory Garbage collector in DR instance to run after the DR setup is complete. Refer to this documentation for Garbage Collection in Artifactory.
  2. Synchronize binaries at storage level between the production and DR Artifactory.
  3. Synchronize Repository related and other Configuration by using REST apis here(for version 6.x). If you want to use a user plugin to achieve this task then refer to user plugin ‘artifactoryMigrationHelper’, refer to this page. 
  4. Access Federation gives you control over access to all, or any subset of your services from one location by synchronising all security entities (users, groups, permissions and access tokens) between the federated services. Set up Access Federation to synchronize security entities from Production to DR. More details and installation instructions can be found here in this link.

5. Once the initial setup is complete as described above and if you choose not to use the user plugin in step #3, then going forward to synchronize the repos and other configuration, use the same rest apis described here that you use in step #3.

After configuring the DR for your JFrog Artifactory's primary instance as explained above, you can configure replication on the DR instance to your primary instance in a similar fashion except you will disable those replications until the DR instance becomes your primary instance in case of a Disaster Recovery.

Keywords: Replication, REST-API, Repository Configuration