Importing your content from GitHub

JFrog Support
2019-07-15 13:22


Import my content from Github to my Bintray account

Since Bintray is a social and cooperative platform, one of its features is interactivity with other platforms and management solutions, such as GitHub.
Bintray is able to import information and data structures from GitHub in an easy and direct way.
It is accessible through the Bintray UI only for those fortunate enough to have an account with both Bintray and GitHub.

Bintray is able to do the following when importing from GitHub:

If you are importing entities and files from GitHub, please note the following points:

  • Before importing any material from your GitHub account to your Bintray account, the Bintray account must be authorized in GitHub to have this access.
    You can provide this authorization yourself, nobody else’s permission is needed. The process of authorizing Bintray to access the GitHub account is done according to the OAuth protocol.
    This process is initiated from Bintray, but also requires signing into GitHub.

  • GitHub and Bintray do not always work with the same terminology and/or structure of data. A repo in Bintray is not the same as a repo in GitHub.
    When importing material, repos in GitHub become packages in Bintray. Releases (sometimes referred to as tags) in GitHub become versions in Bintray.

  • Because the repos in GitHub become packages in Bintray, they must have a repo in Bintray where they will be located.
    Therefore, a repo must be created in Bintray before the import process can begin.