I’m working with Artifactory and received an Email from GitHub saying that basic authentication will be deprecated, what should I do next?

Kfir Avraham
2019-12-31 14:35

In case there is a remote repository in Artifactory points to GitHub (“https://github.com”) and configured with basic authentication credentials, you may receive an Email from GitHub with the following content:
[GitHub] Deprecation Notice
You recently used a password to access an endpoint through the GitHub API using Artifactory/<version>. We will deprecate basic authentication using password to this endpoint soon:
We recommend using a personal access token (PAT) with the appropriate scope to access this endpoint instead. Visit https://github.com/settings/tokens for more information.
The GitHub Team

JFrog is aware of this deprecation notice and working to implement a solution before the basic authentication will be deprecated. By then we will update our release notes and wiki accordingly.