I’m deleting files and I don’t see any change on the storage summary page

Itamar Berman-Eshel
2022-04-20 13:07


The storage summary page is not reflecting changes in the storage space, I'm deleting large files and the storage usage is unchanged.


Up until version 6.17.0, the storage summary was calculated every time you browse the storage admin module, for large scale instances with many repositories, this was taking a lot of time to calculate and the page was taking a while to load.


In version 6.17.0, the calculated summary is stored in cache, and server instantly when you browse the page. A new summary is calculated once per hour by default, and can be configured with the 'artifactory.update.storage.summary.cron' property.
There is also a refresh button in the UI as well as a REST API to trigger calculations.