How to use lenientLimit in Artifactory Filestore Sharding Cluster

Pradnya Shinde
2019-03-14 05:49


How to use lenientLimit in Artifactory Filestore Sharding Cluster


lenientLimit in Artifactory Filestore Sharding is the maximum number of filestores that can be unreachable for writes to continue. Reference documentation is here.

Default value for lenientLimit is 1.
From version 5.4. Note that for filestores configured with a custom chain and not using the built-in templates, the default value of the lenientLimit parameter is 0.

For example – 
If lenientLimit is set to 1 with my setup that includes 3 filestores with Redundancy 3 in a HA cluster of 3 nodes:-
then if 1 of the three nodes go down then the writing/deployment will continue. But if 2 out of the three nodes go down then the deployment of artifacts will fail. 
If the lenientLimit parameter is 0 (in case of Default value or when it is explicitly set to 0) then even if a single node goes down then the deployment of the artifacts will fail.

Typically this is used to address transient failures of an individual binary store, with the assumption that the balance mechanism will make up for it over time.

Active Nodes ≥ Redundancy – LenientLimit

lenientLimit must be less than the total Redundancy. In above example if the Redundancy is 3 then lenientLimit value must be less than 3 which is either 0 or 1 or 2.