How to upload a Support Bundle via the UI?

Ohad Levy
2019-01-29 15:39


The following instructions will guide you on how to upload a Support Bundle or any ticket relevant files to JFrog Support Logs Artifactory instance via the UI.
When cURL is not an option, UI uploads should be the main alternative.


Please make sure to know your ticket number in order to upload the desired content. In this example, we'll use '00001' as the ticket number.
(No username and password are required to login)


Start with the below link:


1.) Click on the Artifacts tab on the left pane:



2.) Choose the 'logs' repository on the left: 


3.) Click the 'Deploy' option on the top right:


4.) Drop/select the desired files.

Under 'Target Path', please enter <Your_Ticket_Number> before the file (see below screenshot).

Make sure that 'Target Repository' is showing 'logs' and 'Target Path' is written correctly, in this example -> 00001/

5.) Click Deploy.