ARTIFACTORY: Upgrading Artifactory 6.x to 7.x Using the YUM Package Manager

Disha Meswania
2020-12-03 10:15


When using a YUM package manager, an upgrade from Artifactory 6.x to 7.x fails with a Nothing to do message as per below:

$ yum install jfrog-artifactory-pro-<version>
Nothing to do.

This occurs because YUM does not recognize 7.x as an upgrade over 6.x with YUM repository due to a change in architecture from "noarch" in Artifactory  v6.x to "x86_64" in Artifactory v7.x.

Note: This behavior will not occur when you try to upgrade from 7.x to 7.x as the architecture is same.


As a workaround, we can download the artifact and upgrade using rpm:

yumdownloader jfrog-artifactory-pro-<version>
rpm -Uvh jfrog-artifactory-pro-<version>.rpm

Note: yumdownloader is part of yum-utils (i.e., you may need to install yum-utils before downloading yumdownloader)