How to setup GitLFS repository in Artifactory? [Video]

Sophie Tait
2021-02-02 14:50

This is how to setup GitLFS repositories in Artifactory.


Video Transcription

Hello, this is Sophie Tait from JFrog support. In this short video, I will show you how to set up Artifactory with Git LFS repositories. Let’s get started.

Sophie Tait:
We will begin by creating a file, which will contain the three text files. Next, we will track all zip files within the root of the project.

Next, we will add the Git attributes file, which is crucial for the LFS client and needs to be pushed to the remote GIT provider. Next, we will add the file and commit our changes.

Next, we will go to the UI, and using the Quick Start we will create Git LFS repositories. In the Git LFS local repository, we will use the Set Me Up to create the LFS config snippet, which will be created in the root of our project.

Next, we will do a Git push origin master. After Git push, we will verify that the file has been uploaded to GitHub and that the SHA sum value provided in GitHub is the SHA sum within Artifactory for our file. We will then create a new directory, which will simulate a new user, performing a Git clone of our repository within GitHub, and then doing a get pull to pull all the artifacts from Artifactory into the new Git project.

In the new directory, we’ll perform a Git clone and then a Git LFS install. We will then create the LFS config file in this new directory using that same snippet from the UI.

After adding the LFS config file to the root of our project, we will perform a Git LFS pull. We will then add the Git attributes file and our file. We now update the file by creating a test4.txt file and then resisting the file. We will then add the file to be uploaded to GitHub.

After performing Git commit and Git push origin master. We will verify that the new has been updated in GitHub with the new SHA sum value. Finally, we will verify an Artifactory that the Shaw sum has been updated. This concludes the video for creating get LFS repositories within Artifactory.

Thank you for watching, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback in the comment section below. Thank you.