How to set Artifactory UI session timeout?

David Pinhas
2019-03-18 08:39


A short tutorial on how to set Artifactory UI session timeout after ‘X’ minutes

Affected Versions

Artifactory version 5.5.0 and above


To change the default UI session timeout, you need to configure/set the relevant property in the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ file.
The property which controls the session timeout is 'artifactory.ui.session.timeout.minutes'.
By adding the property artifactory.ui.session.timeout.minutes=X, you will be able to control the session sequence.
For example, if you want to set 60 min before the session will be expired, you need to add the following to the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ file:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for the changes to take effect, you will need to restart Artifactory.