How to Set an Artifactory UI Session Timeout

David Pinhas
2021-03-30 18:04

Relevant Versions: This information pertains to Artifactory versions 5.5 and above.

By default, Artifactory UI sessions will timeout after 30 minutes. To change this, you’ll need to
configure artifactory.ui.session.timeout.minutes, which is the relevant property in the
$ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ file. By adding the timeout property, as
artifactory.ui.session.timeout.minutes=X, you can establish your preferred length for Artifactory

For example, if you’d like your Artifactory sessions to run for 60 minutes and then expire:

  • In Artifactory 7.x, you’ll need to:
    • modify the system.yaml file in the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/var/etc/system.yaml folder
    • add the following frontend configuration and set the time (in minutes) for your UI

    ## Session settings
        ## After how much time the frontend token needs to be refreshed
        timeMinutes: '60'

In Artifactory versions 6.x and below, you’ll need to add the following to the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ file:


Note: Changes will only take effect after you restart Artifactory.