How to resolve the error “token used at: 1623250847 but was issued at: 1623250862”

Shani Attias
2021-06-14 14:05

This error is usually coming from the Router microservice while it’s trying to connect to the Access microservice.


The complete error will be similar to the one below:


2021-05-15T11:12:30.323Z [jfrou] [FATAL] [4bd11arf38ff4765] [bootstrap.go:101       ] [main        ] -  Could not join access, err: Cluster join: Failed joining the cluster; Error: Failed parsing join response: token used at: 1623250847 but was issued at: 1623250862


This error is indicating that the system clocks between the different JFrog instances are not synced.

For example, we may encounter this behavior when trying to start Xray, but Xray machine clock is not synced with the Artifactory machine’s clock.

The solution is pretty simple, you just need to sync the system clocks.

I.e you may use the command below:

date --set=“<time stamp>”