How to resolve Error response from daemon: manifest for not found for docker hub

Amith Kumar Mutakari
2019-07-23 07:55


How to resolve Error response from daemon: manifest for<docker image>:latest not found for default docker hub

If we disable 'Enable Token Authentication' option from Artifactory docker remote repository then docker pull will fail.

For example :-

docker pull

Error response from daemon: manifest for not found

Request.log shows as below.


Resolution :-

Since , Docker Hub only supports token-based authentication we need to enable it to do the docker pull .
In order to achieve this ,we need to enable "Enable Token Authentication " option from Artifactory docker-remote repository options from UI as shown in the screenshot below:

And after this docker pull works as expected as shown in the example below.

docker pull

latest: Pulling from centos

Digest: sha256:184e5f35598e333bfa7de10d8fb1cebb5ee4df5bc0f970bf2b1e7c7345136426

Status: Image is up to date for

Request.log shows as below:-