How to reset Admin password for Mission Control RHEL?

Nimer Bsoul
2018-06-11 09:11


In order to reset the admin user in Mission-Control on RHEL installation, you may want to run directly on the mongoDB that handles the user information such as passwords.


  1. $mongo -u mission_platform -p "password" "mission_platform" –eval 'db.users.remove({ "username": "admin" }, { "justOne": true})'

    In case you are getting the following output:
    Failed global initialization: BadValue Invalid or no user locale set. Please ensure LANG and/or LC_* environment variables are set correctly.
    Run the following command :
    $export LC_ALL=C
    And rerun the first mongo query

  2. Restart Mission-Control service (explicitly):
  • sudo systemctl stop mission-control
  • sudo systemctl status mission-control –  To make sure that the service was stopped 
  • sudo systemctl start mission-control