How to reduce time taken for daily full system backups for large Artifactory instances?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:37

To reduce the amount of time taken for the daily full system backup, please follow the below instructions:



  1. Take a system export without content- which means you will have to check the ‘exclude content’ checkbox, make sure to *uncheck* the ‘exclude metadata’ and ‘exclude builds’ checkboxes as these are crucial to your backup. When you check the ‘exclude content’ the system export will be much faster because it is skipping all the binaries. The export folder name will be created with a timestamp. Please make sure that the there are no other files or folders in the directory that contains the timestamped system export folder.
  2. Rename the timestamped system export folder created in the previous step as ‘current’.
  3. Please create a directory named ‘repositories’ in the ‘current’ system export folder. Now start taking Repository  export of each repository in your system individually by following the instructions given here and please remember to give the ‘Export to Path’ for repository export to the ‘repositories’ directory that was just created in the ‘current’ system export folder.
  4. Now re-configure your full system backup job by first changing the ‘Backup Directory’ location to the ‘current’ export folder named in step 2. Also remember to check the ‘Incremental’ option, which means the next run of the full system backup will only rsync the changes in the Artifactory system to the above referenced ‘Backup Directory’ which already contains the full system export and repositories export that were aggregated in our earlier steps. This way the full system backup will be much faster as you have a full backup already in place as a reference point for the ‘Incremental’ option to be effective.