How to recover from a state when Artifactory UI stays at Loading screen forever

JFrog Support
2017-05-23 06:15

Artifactory User Interface (UI) may not be responsive for the following known reason:


  • When you try to test connectivity of



To recover from this state, you may need to wait longer time or exit the browser and come back to Artifactory.


When this issue happens, please use the following to troubleshoot the issue.


  • Check Artifactory release notes to see if the issue is resolved in newer version of Artifactory
  • Open a new browser and check Artifactory logs to see if there is any issue
  • Check Java and Database state to see if there is any resource related issues


When Artifactory UI does not respond, please collect following items and send them to JFrog Support for investigation.


  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Version of Artifactory
  • Artifactory logs
  • Use a Chrome browser to capture the issue and save HAR data using this instruction