How to proxy a CPAN repo with Artifactory

Local CPAN repositories are not currently supported in Artifactory (see RTFACT-6203). However, proxying a remote CPAN endpoint can work, if you want to use Artifactory as pure cache endpoint for CPAN installations. We have briefly tested Artifactory to work as a CPAN endpoint against – 





 After creating the remote repository, configure the CPAN client to use http://<ARTIFACTORY_URL>/artifactory/<REMOTE_REPO_KEY>. You can do this by invoking the 'cpan' command and using 'o conf init' to start the setup dialog, which will allow you to set up Artifactory as a repository.


The cached files will preserve the original structure of the source repository, so the next time you make a request, CPAN will be able to retrieve the requested package from the Artifactory cache, instead of the remote endpoint.