How to persist the config details of JFrog CLI in docker container

Amith Kumar Mutakari
2019-05-09 07:31


How to persist the config details of JFrog CLI which is installed with docker.

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Docker installation of JFrog CLI configuration is not persisted unless until we persist it explicitly.

For example docker run -it jfrog rt config

Artifactory server ID: art

Artifactory URL: http://<art-url>/artifactory

Access token (Leave blank for username and password/API key): 

User: admin

Password/API key: 

[Info] Encrypting password…

root@amith:/opt/artifactory-pro-5.4.6/bin# docker run -it jfrog rt c show

will not show any config details as the config container is dead.


We can persist the config details for JFrog CLI using docker as below.

/root/.jfrog is the default location in the Docker container for JFrog CLI.


docker run -it -v <mount location in your OS>:/root/.jfrog jfrog rt c art –url=“http://<ARTURL>:8081/artifactory” –apikey=“AKCp5ccayRyZcjXFKKfrsHJfBQ5sGjg2ogkgK2WMftZkSaH6qFkfAnoXDanwX2mH3kYSiDZpH”

For example :- docker run -it -v /Users/amith:/root/.jfrog jfrog rt c art –url=“http://amith-art:8081/artifactory” –apikey=“AKCp5ccayRyZcjXFKKfrsHJfBQ5sGjg2ogkgK2WMftZkSaH6qFkfAnoXDanwX2mH3kYSiDZpH”


After this when we run the below command we are able to see the Artifactory config details.


docker run -it -v /Users/amithkm:/root/.jfrog jfrog rt c show 

Server ID: art

Url: “http://amith-art:8081/artifactory”/

API key: “AKCp5ccayRyZcjXFKKfrsHJfBQ5sGjg2ogkgK2WMftZkSaH6qFkfAnoXDanwX2mH3kYSiDZpH”

Default: true