How to perform ‘docker login’ with a SAML user?

JFrog Support
2018-06-11 09:29

In order to perform 'docker login' with a SAML user we will need to make sure that the following steps are done:

  • After configuring the SAML integration in Artifactory, we will need to make sure that in the SAML configuration the "Auto Create Artifactory Users" field is ticked on.
  • Then, we will first need to login into Artifactory UI with our SAML user in order for Artifactory to create a new internal user for this SAML user.
  • After logging in, we will need to ask our Artifactory Administrator to add an internal password for our user (this can be done via the Admin tab –> Users –> select our user –> put a new password in the "Change Password" field. This operation will not override our SAML password but only add an additional internal password for Artifactory. The second option is, if in our SAML configuration the "Allow Created Users Access To Profile Page" is ticked on, we may enter our user profile (press on the username on the top right corner) and create an API Key, which we can use instead of an internal password for basic authentication or in a dedicated REST API when working with different clients, e.g. docker, NPM, Maven, etc. or using Artifactory REST API.
  • Now we can perform the 'docker login' login successfully. Please also note that we will need to enter our username without the full email (without the @domain.example), and the new internal password that our Artifactory Administrator created for us, or the API Key we created.