How to open a support case efficiently

Eran Blumenthal
2021-10-24 15:48

Below is a suggested list of steps to follow and information to collect in order to open a Support case in a way that will reduce the initial information collection cycle and improve case handling by JFrog Support.


Before opening a case:

  1. Use the Support Portal Search to browse through relevant resources from our knowledge base, our public Jira, stackoverflow, and many other sources for topics related to the question/issue you would like to raise. 


Details to provide when opening the case:


  1. Environment – 
    1. Is it a Development/Staging/Production env? 
    2. Is this the main site? Secondary? DR?


  1. Severity/Impact – Try to describe the severity of the case:
  1. Is it a question?
  2. Is the issue disruptive? If so, how? What exactly is the impact?
  3. Even if the issue is ‘Urgent’ try to describe in what way the issue affect your production environment


  1. Is this constant or intermittent? 
    1. If constant, provide steps to reproduce.
    2. If intermittent, make sure to note that in the case


  1. Additional information
    1. Provide screenshots – If applicable, provide screenshots or ever a screen recording.
    2. Console output – If applicable provide the requests submitted (e.g. cURL command, JFrog CLI input, etc.)
    3. If you have tried debugging the issue please provide the relevant information


  1. Logs – 

If possible, please provide a complete Support Bundle as part of submitting the Support case.


  1. Matrices – 

If possible and applicable, please provide monitoring information.


  1. Be verbose – 

especially in the beginning of the interaction, try to be as verbose as possible in order to assist the Support Eng. to get the context and common language as soon as possible.


From our experience, we believe that following the guideline above will assist in getting a quicker turnaround for Support responses and case resolution.