How to move a folder or an artifact to new folder in the same repository?

Balaji Satish
2019-05-13 10:43


There can be a requirement to move your artifacts from the root location of a repository to a custom path or a folder in the same local repository. This article will help you know how this can be achieved.


This operation can be done in two ways:

  •  Through Artifactory UI 

    To perform the move with the Artifactory UI you will be required to log in Artifactory. Once logged in, traverse to Artifacts tab then select and expand the repository, now right click on the folder and select move. In the dialog box please check the “Move to a custom path”, enter the path you would want to move the artifact or a folder and in the target repository just select the same repository and click Move


  • Through REST API 

            We can also use the Move Item REST API to move an Artifact or a folder in the same repository. The command for example should look like this:

            curl -X POST -u{user}:{password} "http://{Artifactory_URL}:{Artifactory_Port}/artifactory/api/move/{Repository_name}/{Folder_name}?to=/{same repository name}/{the new name}"

The same steps can be followed to move an artifact or a folder to a newly created local repository