How to migrate from pypiserver to Artifactory?

JFrog Support
2018-06-11 09:26

These are the steps required in order to migrate the content of a pypiserver repository into a PyPi repository in Artifactory:

1. In Artifactory, create or select a desired PyPi local repository you would like to migrate to.

2. In pypiserver, you should have a directory where all packages are stored (according to pypiserver documentation, under ~/packages).
Move (cd) into that directory.
3. Using the JFrog CLIUpload the entire content of this directory to the desired repository (e.g pypi-local) in Artifactory.
For example, once you are in the “packages” folder and have the CLI configured:$ jfrog rt u "*" pypi-local/ --flat=false
This will start uploading all of the packages to the repository in Artifactory.