How to migrate from Ports Method to Subdomain Method

Shani Attias
2020-12-21 09:19

In order to migrate from the Ports method to the Subdomain method, you should first configure the proxy to use both methods and later remove the ports method configurations.


In order to configure the docker registry with The Subdomain Method, you may refer to our wiki page Getting Started with Artifactory as a Docker Registry- The Subdomain Method.


There is also an out of the box tool in Artifactory that can generate a custom Proxy Configuration for docker registry, to do that go to Reverse Proxy Configuration Generator and fill in the fields according to how your reverse proxy is set up while making sure to:

  1. Use the correct Artifactory hostname in the Public Server Name field (in our example this will be art.local)

  2. Select Subdomain as the Reverse Proxy Method under Docker Reverse Proxy Settings  



Then follow the steps below:

  • Switch to the sub-domain method in the HTTP Settings and generate new proxy configurations

  • Compare your previous and the new proxy configurations

  • Add the missing lines from the new configurations to the old one.

  • Make sure to use wild-card TLS certificates to support "*" for the new method.

  • Reload the reverse-proxy configuration.

  • Confirm both methods works (Ports and Subdomain)

  • Remove the ports method configuration from the proxy configuration, i.e, remove the snippet similar to the one below:


    ## server configuration
    server {
        listen 1234 ssl;