How to migrate Artifactory from one database to another? [Video]

Sowjanya Kamatam
2021-02-02 09:40

How to migrate Artifactory from one database to another database


Video Transcription

Hi there, I’m Sagina from JFROG support. In the short video, I show you how to migrate from one Artifactory database to other. To begin with, please review the supported versions of the databases. And also the driver libraries while setting up an Artifactory with an external database or from migrating from one database to the other Artifactory database. You can export the Artifactory configurations, the security information, stored binaries and metadata using the full system export feature. The first step is to run full system export with exclude content enabled. Please do not check exclude metadata as these are the binaries which exist in the database.

And the next step is creating the new schema in the target database. Depending on the type of the database and the configuration settings, the SQL command changes. As you can see here, this is the example of the SQL commands that are on the Postgre’s database. Please refer to our documentation for all the details necessary for the type of the database you have chosen. Generally, we recommend providing artifactual with full privileges on the database.

Stop the Artifactory before you make any changes to the configuration file. You can then configure your instance to connect to the new database. In 6.x version of Artifactory you can change the db url in the file in the config directory. In seven version, you will make changes into the system.yaml file. Now start the Artifactory with a new configured db url. Next, run the full system input as shown in this video.

Remember you can also use other external tools to directly migrate from one database to other. So this was my video on how to migrate from one Artifactory database to other. Thank you for watching this video. Please feel free to leave questions or feedback in the comments section below.