How to integrate Artifactory with TFS (Team Foundation Server)?

JFrog Support
2017-10-10 16:19
In order to install the JFrog extension (build plugin) on TFS 2015:


First download and install JFrog Artifactory integration.
You can download it by searching it from the “Browse for Extensions” button, search and download, or download it from JFrog Artifactory integration.


Upload the new extension to the TFS server and install it under “Manage Extensions”:


* There are two options to install the JFrog extension (build plugin)
  1. Install the JFrog Artifactory integration extension from the Microsoft marketplace: you can download it by searching it from the “Browse for Extensions” button, then choose the extension and install it.
  2. Downloading the extension from the marketplace (JFrog Artifactory integration) and from here click on 'Upload new extension' and follow instruction displayed:

Drag and drop the .vsix file in the opened pop-up or select the plugin to install it
(if needed please see the TFS documentation for extensions installation)


Adding a new project (do this in order to configure the JFrog integration/extension):
  1. Manage server
  2. Control panel
  3. View the collection administration page
  4. Overview Tab → new team project


Setup JFrog Artifactory:
  1. Enter a project
  2. Build Tab → Setup JFrog Artifactory
  3. Enter Artifactory URL and credentials
  4. Save


Set Artifactory URL Endpoint:
  1. Go to Manage Project
  2. Services Tab
  3. Click on “New Service Endpoint” and choose “Generic”
  4. Enter Artifactory URL, credentials and a name for this service
  5. OK

Now you are ready: At this point you will gain access to three new Build Steps/Utilities you can add to your builds.

*** Another way to start building with TFS, is creating and building projects using MSBuild and the MSBuild Artifactory Plugin, you can use only two build steps as in the screenshot below: