How to install Artifactory on with HELM charts? [Video]

Omer Haglili
2021-02-02 09:33

In this video you can see how to install JFrog Artifactory on K8s using HELM chart.


Video Transcription

Hey, I’m Omer, I work in Jfrog and this short video, I’ll present a demo of how to install Jfrog Artifactory on Kubernetes by using Helm Chart.

So let’s start.

First, we will add the Chart center Helm repo to our Helm client.

Now, we will use the Helm repo update command to get the latest information from the repo.

We will create a new name space for Artifactory by using the kubectl create command.


Now we’ll install the chart was the release name Artifactory. The chart will deploy Artifactory [inaudible 00:01:08]SQL database, and Nginx server. And we will expose the Artifactory within chart.

We can see that the list Artifactory does not exist locally and the client will fetch it from our center repo. After a couple of minutes, we will check what is the status of the post that the chart created for us.



We can see that all the ports are up and running and now we will check what is the external IP of the Nginx load balancer in order to access the factory via the web UI.

We’ll copy this external IP of the Artifactory Nginx load balance here, and we’ll paste it in our browser


We got it. Great success.

Now we can see that the factor is up and running. Thank you for watching this video and I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon.