How to force Conan migration from V1 to V2

Mohamad Masarwa
2022-04-11 11:49


Artifactory will not migrate the V1 Conan packages to V2 that will deploy after upgrading to 6.9.0 or above.

Affected versions:

6.9.0 and above.


Artifactory allows force migration from Conan V1 to V2 since Artifactory 6.9.0. This is done automatically during the upgrade from an older Artifactory to a new one.
In case of transferring data from one instance (which holds Canon V1 packages) to another instance (which holds Canon V2 packages)  using export/import utility, the V1 packages will not be converted automatically.


In order to force this conversion please follow these steps:

  1. Export data from source Artifactory with Canon V1 packages.
  2. Import data into target Artifactory where the Conan V2 packages are managed.
  3. Connect to target artifactory database.
  4. Run this query: 'delete from CONFIGS where CONFIG_NAME = 'artifactory.migration.conan.v2';'
  5. Restart target Artifactory