How to fix the “Failed to verify license” error when trying to add license bucket on mission control

Paul Pan
2019-07-09 17:36


When adding license bucket in mission control, you may encounter “Failed to verify license” error.


License bucket can be added online or offline according to this article

In newer mission control version, offline can be installed by directly choosing the json file.

However, if both online and offline method failed, and the following command does not return true, then it means that the JDK you are running does not have the ability to decrypt 256 byte-encrypted files

$JAVA_HOME/bin/jrunscript -e 'print (javax.crypto.Cipher.getMaxAllowedKeyLength("RC5") >= 256);'


For openJDK, the fix is to upgrade java version to the below mentioned versions or above

6u181, 7u171, 8u161

Or You may follow this article to install Java Cryptography Extension

Make sure you check file and verify the JFMC_JAVA_HOME points to the correct version home.

Restart mission control and it should work.