How to fix an error on adding a valid instance of Artifactory to Mission Control

You may see an error (see figure below) on the User Interface of Mission Control when an incorrect URL is entered for Artifactory as a Mission Control Instance. 


When this error is displayed, please ensure that the Artifactory URL is correctly entered and ends with /artifactory, so each Artifactory Instance has a URL such as http://server:port/artifactory

In order to resolve the issue, please perform the following procedure:

1. Go to the "View" section on the left pane

2. Select the relevant instance

3. At the right panel click "Actions" and select "Edit"

4. Add the /artifactory to the end of the URL field. For example:
5. Save the changes


Note that it is not mandatory to have /artifactory in the URL. If Artifactory is behind a proxy, it is usually configured so users will not need the /artifactory.

You can also edit an existing instance by clicking the "Actions" > "Edit" options.