How to fix a bad SSL response from your zypper client

JFrog Support
2021-10-19 07:13

How to fix a bad SSL response from your 'zypper' client

When 'zypper refresh' is being performed from your client (RPM-based package manager), the following response is being returned:
"Error message: SSL: certificate subject name 'cert-name' does not match target host name 'host-name'."

Version 11 doesn't support SNI which allows to run multiple SSL/TLS certificates on the same IP address.

1. One solution will be to check if the URIs defined for this repository, they might be pointing to an invalid repository.
2. If you are using SLES version 11, you may want to upgrade your SLES to version 12 and above.

Additional information can be found here under the section of "Name-Based Virtual Hosts and SSL".