How To Disable Artifactory Webhook Validation

Or Naishtat
2021-06-29 14:20

Event-based webhooks were introduced in version 7.6.0, this feature is managed by the event service in JFrog's Unified Platform. The event service is responsible for Distributing webhook events to external systems.

Starting from version 7.11 a webhook's URL is validated during the webhook configuration.
By default, private networks are not allowed to be used as Webhook targets for security reasons and would not pass validation. 
In case the webhook URL is invalid the webhook may not be saved or modified.

When attempting to create or modify an un-validated webhook you will encounter the following error entry:
"Validation Error – unable to validate subscription"

You may disable the validation process by adding the below entry in Artifactory system.yaml located at '$JFROG_HOME/artifactory/etc/system.yaml'event:
urlStrictPolicy: false