How to create a VisualVM Plugin Repository?

JFrog Support
2022-04-11 11:21

A VisualVM repository is a link to a .xml.gz file with metadata about where plugins are located.

You can store these files in a generic repo and point your VisualVM instance to it.

For example, what we tried out was downloading one of the official Plugin Center files (, saving it with the name test.xml.gz, and then uploading it to a generic repository we called "test-generic-visualvm-local"

From this, we obtained a URL of the format: http://<ArtifactoryURL>:<Port>/artifactory/test-generic-visualvm-local/test.xml.gz
Then we went to VisualVM –> Tools –> Plugins –> Settings –> Add and used this URL.

​​​​​​​Now VisualVM gets information about available plugins from this file. If the file were replaced with an updated one, VisualVM should be able to see the newly available plugins.