How to Create a New Repository in Bintray

JFrog Support
2020-02-18 10:18

Repositories can only be created by logged-in users. Repositories may be created from several places within Bintray; a repository you create may be owned by you or by anorganization of which you are a member.

To create a new repo:

  1. Ensure you are logged in and access the Bintray homepage (

  2. In the Owned Repositories work area of the homepage, click the New Repository button. The Create Repository page is displayed.

    User-added image

  3. Enter the repo’s details (repo metadata) and click the Create button.

    The repo is created, with you as its owner (or, the repo can be owned by an organization of which you are a member), empty of content, and the Repository page is displayed.

Note: You can create a repo from several alternative places within Bintray. The New Repository button appears in the Owned Repositories work area of your user profile and also in the Repositories form of the Edit Your Profile page when editing your profile. If you are a member of an organization (and have the proper authorization), you can also create a new repo from the Organization Profile page. A repo created from within an organization is owned by the organization (for all other ways to create a repo, you are assigned ownership of the repo).

Now that the repo is created, packages can be added to it. Also, if the details should be changed, the repo’s details can still be edited.