How to configure OpenStack Swift S3 Provider with Artifactory?

JFrog Support
2017-02-06 12:57

It is possible to configure OpenStack Swift as the object storage platform on Artifactory. To set up Artifactory with S3, follow these steps. Check here for more information on S3 Object storage in general.

Below is a sample configuration for OpenStack Swift which uses HTTP basic authentication:

###### CLEVERSAFE Configuration ###### 




binary.provider.s3.endpoint=<OpenStack swift endpoint><bucket name>




Note the highlighted entries (mandatory for the OpenStack Swift configuration):

binary.provider.s3.https.only entry

binary.provider.s3.env.s3service.disable-dns-buckets JetS3t property&nbsp;entry


By default, JetS3t sends requests to the bucket by the following convention ''

OpenStack is following the convention '', so the above entry is needed to address the request format issue.


Version 4.6.0 of Artifactory introduces the new filestore management capabilities. Here is an basic example for OpenStack configuration with the binarystore.xml file:

Starting from 

<config version="v1">


        <provider id="cache-fs" type="cache-fs">

            <provider id="eventual" type="eventual">

                <provider id="retry" type="retry">

                    <provider id="s3" type="s3"/>





<provider id="s3" type="s3">



    <endpoint><My OpenStack Server></endpoint>

    <bucketName><My OpenStack Container></bucketName>


 <property name="s3service.disable-dns-buckets" value="true"></property>                               



Additionally, please ensure that your Swift backend can support multi-part uploads and isn't running into the following bug which was resolved: