How To Configure LDAP with TLS in Aritfactory

Mari Yamaguchi
2018-06-29 21:06


To configure LDAP with TLS we recommend using LDAPS (Secure LDAP). 


1. Configure LDAP authentication
To begin LDAP authentication setup please navigate to the Artifactory UI –> Admin –> Security –> LDAP –> New 
User-added image
Further information regarding the parameters of the LDAP setup is found here
2. Once LDAP is setup, LDAPS can be configured with a secure LDAP URL 
Use LDAPS with a valid certificate from a CA trusted by Java by using the following secure LDAP URL in your settings: 
e.g. ldaps://secure_ldap_host:636/dc=sampledomain,dc=com.

There is also an option to configure LDAPS with a non-trusted (self-signed) certificate. To setup LDAPS with a non-trusted certificate please follow the instructions found here