How To Configure LDAP with TLS in Aritfactory


To configure LDAP with TLS we recommend using LDAPS (Secure LDAP). 


1. Configure LDAP authentication
To begin LDAP authentication setup please navigate to the Artifactory UI –> Admin –> Security –> LDAP –> New 
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Further information regarding the parameters of the LDAP setup is found here
2. Once LDAP is setup, LDAPS can be configured with a secure LDAP URL 
Use LDAPS with a valid certificate from a CA trusted by Java by using the following secure LDAP URL in your settings: 
e.g. ldaps://secure_ldap_host:636/dc=sampledomain,dc=com.

There is also an option to configure LDAPS with a non-trusted (self-signed) certificate. To setup LDAPS with a non-trusted certificate please follow the instructions found here