How to configure Hashicorp RPM registry in Artifactory?

Andrey Granovsky
2021-08-19 16:01

In this article, we will configure the Hashicorp Public Linux Repo in Artifactory. The following example is configured for the RHEL OS.

Please follow the steps below to configure the remote repository for the Hashicorp RPM registry:

  • Create RPM remote repository named “hashicorp-remote” for example, and configured the as the URL of this repository
  • On the client, create/modify the /etc/yum.repos.d/artifactory.repo file and add the following (make sure to change the <password> and <ARTIFACTORY_URL>):

name=Hashicorp Stable - $basearch

  • Test the configuration by running "yum install terraform" for example.

Now when it is all set you should be able to use the Hashicorp Public Linux Repository as a remote repository in Artifactory.