How to configure Apache to work with Npm Scope Packages?

JFrog Support
2017-08-10 08:06

To configure your Apache to work with NPM Scoped Packages, you may want to follow the below procedure:

The forward slash is encoded by the NPM client as %2f but some reverse proxy configuration decoded back into the forward slash and the result is a 404 from Artifactory. If you do encounter this issue with Apache, you may need to add the 'nocanon' directive to the reverse proxy configuration:

ProxyPass / http://arti-server:8081/ nocanon

ProxyPassReverse / http://arti-server:8081/ nocanon

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since version 5.4.0, Artifactory handles decoded slash characters correctly out-of-the-box, hence, there is no longer any need to modify your reverse proxy configuration.

Additional information can be found on our Release Notes.