How to configure a remote repository in Artifactory to proxy a private Docker registry in Docker Hub?

Maayan Amrani
2019-01-09 11:12


Setting up a Docker Remote Repository in Artifactory in order to resolve Docker images from a private Docker registry.


In order to configure Artifactory to use a private Docker registry hosted in docker hub, we need to create a remote Docker repository in Artifactory pointing to docker hub.
Once created, navigate to the Advanced tab and specify the Remote Credentials to your private Docker registry.

Assuming the Docker client and credentials are set up correctly, you can simply ‘docker pull’ from the private Docker registry.

In the example below, we configured Artifactory against our private Docker registry (“private-docker”), performed ‘docker login’ and pulled ‘ubuntu’ from it.

Note the 'docker pull' command syntax:

$ docker pull <Artifactory-docker-remote-repository>/<hub-user>/<repo-name>[:<tag>]

The logs will display a quick-similar output as shown below:

Additional information on how to configure your Docker registry in Artifactory, can be found here.