How to change the P2 repository configuration from the REST API

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:35

The below steps are for changing the P2 repository configuration through REST-API.


We have created a user’s plugin that you can execute with a curl command.

This plugin will enable you to get and set the P2 Urls that are used by Eclipse.

In order to deploy this plugin you’ll need to copy this plugin into $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/plugin.

In addition you’ll need to modify $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ file to load the plugin. Find the following parameter artifactory.plugin.scripts.refreshIntervalSecs in the file and set the value to greater than 0. 


This plugin supports two commands:

    As a note, we still plan to improve this with a more permanent solution. Please watch and vote for these tickets so you will receive updates on future development.