How to change dependency resolution by changing the order of repositories in a virtual repository? [Video]

David Shin
2021-01-28 08:54

We will learn about order of repositories in a virtual repositories and will demonstrate the result of repositories order.

Video Transcription

My name is David Shin from JFrog support. In this short video I will show how to change dependency resolution by changing order of repos in a virtual. Let’s start.

First, to change the order of a repository resolution, you will need to go to virtual repository configuration. Click repositories under the main menu, then click virtual repo tab and then click one of the virtual repo.

Let’s change the order of resolution. It’ll be very simple. You can just drag and drop a repository. That’s it.

It is demo time. For example, For a dot txt file this impulse generic-local and generic-local-C. They have same file name, but different checksum. For current resolution order, generic-local is higher than generic-local-C. I will show how current resolution order works.

By the way, we have a simple and useful tool to trace artifacts. How to use it, you can simply append a trace keyword at the end of cURL command. Like this. Boom. As you can see, our text file came from generic-local-repo. Now, I will change the resolution order. Generic-local-C repo will be down. Drag and drop. Click save and finish button.

Let’s see, where text file comes from now? I will execute the same cURL command. Boom. See? You can see a dot txt file came from generic-local-C, repo according to the new resolution order.

That was my video on how to change the dependency resolution by changing order of repos in a virtual repository. Thanks for watching and I hope you have enjoyed. Feel free to leave your comments, feedback or questions in the comment section below.