How to add self-signed certificate to Artifactory? [Video]

Oron Chalaf
2021-01-28 09:01

In this video we will see how we can add a self signed certificate to be trusted by Artifactory, so it can establish a TLS connection to a remote resource.

Video Transcription

Hi, everyone.

I’m Oron from JFrog support.

In this short video, I will show how to add self-signed certificate to be trusted by Artifactory.

Let’s start.

So here I have a remote repository, which points to another Artifactory instance.

The target’s Artifactory is fronted by Ingenix and is using self-signed certificate for TLS termination. When I click on the test button, I can see this error.

This is caused because Artifactory does not recognize the certificate used by Ingenix. So let’s see how to add the certificate to Artifactory.

Okay, I would need to add the certificate to the trusted folder. The trusted folder is found under Jfrog/Artifactory/war/etc/security/keys/trusted.

I will use the open SSL client, download the certificate and add it here.

Once the file is added here, I would need to restart Artifactory, and then we can see that the certificate is being picked up.

So now we can see that this certificate is here and we should restart Artifactory.


Now that Artifactory started, we should set their repository again, and we can see that it works.

This was my short video assigning self-signing certificate to be trusted by Artifactory. Thanks for watching.

And I hope you enjoyed feel free to leave your comments, feedback, or questions in the comment section below.